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First posted: 2013.02.26

LINE Play is a relatively new game for your smartphone where you create your own character, and build your own home and network of friends! It launched worldwide not too long ago, and as more and more players start to join, I thought I’d compile a list of things I learned during my first few days playing.

This is purely UNOFFICIAL. By no means am I any more well-versed than most of you, so please correct me if I have misspoke anywhere! Please note that this is NOT a complete guide, but a beginner’s walk-through that will hopefully be helpful to some of you :) It is in fact very INCOMPLETE, as the world of LINE is constantly changing~

Find me on LINE Play at username: halffling

Send me a heart if you found this guide helpful, or drop on line on tumblr for any additional tips or tricks you have :D



First, download the LINE app (iPhone/Android) - install and register your account using an e-mail. You will need this information in order to launch LINE Play. LINE is actually a neat, free texting/chatting app with a pretty sleek interface and cute emoticon “stickers” :)

Once you’ve registered with LINE, go ahead and install LINE Play (iPhone/Android). Follow your on-screen instructions using the e-mail and password you just registered in the original LINE app above :)

No screencaps here cause it’s boring WHEE NEXT.



Now the customization begins! Decide whether your avatar will be a Boy, Girl, or Animal character. Keep in mind that you cannot change your avatar type afterwards - so choose carefully! Choose a base for your face - don’t worry, after pressing Next you will have the option to refine your facial features such as hair, eyes, nose, and mouth. In the final screen you will be able to add accessories, such as glasses or a leaf on your head. Simple enough, let’s move on to the good stuff!

Still no screencaps here cause also not where the exciting stuff happens.


(BAM you get a whole screencap here yeah there’s a lot going on)

➜ HOME PAGE (and Meet James)

You will be greeted by Official LINE/Naver character James, who will give you a gift of a Soft Scent Flower Pot (more on that later) while tossing his ~flowing blonde locks~ At this point I would definitely recommend adding him as your friend, he will be very useful - err, helpful!

Your Home page will show your avatar hanging outside your house, with a neat mailbox and puffs of smoke from your chimney. Click your character on this screen to see how many Hearts and Friends you have at any time. The upper left speech bubble shows your latest notifications (hearts received, messages from friends), while the upper right corner leads you to the Settings.

The main menu options at the bottom are:

  • My Room: pretty self explanatory: YOUR ROOM! A studio to be exact. More on this later. (I say that a lot in this guide sorry)
  • Friends: a list of your friends, as well as suggestions from your contact list of people you may know who are playing. It also tells you who is online with a tiny “On” button on their avatar
  • Lounge: join chatrooms of various themes, each with a person number limit.
  • Random: click here to be transported to someone else’s room. AT RANDOM.




Your home will be sparse at first, with a table and two chairs, plus a Diary (more on that later, too!). In the upper right corner you’ll see you also have 5,000 bonus gems to start off with - but don’t spend it all at once!

In your home, you will have a Menu at the bottom. Choose Closet to change your wardrobe, Room Deco to rearrange your house items, Shop to spend gems on new digs, or Setting to adjust preferences.

Let me quickly diverge and run through the submenu of Shop:

  • Fashion: shop for clothes and accessories
  • Interior: buy new furniture for your home
  • Gift: get something for someone else! (how nice)
  • Gacha: and my favorite, the gacha machine. Exactly how the famous gacha machines work, you insert a certain amount of gems (typically 1,000, 700 or 500, depending on the machine) and are dispensed A RANDOM ITEM! Yes, you can get the same item more than once. But the fun is in the ~surprise~ :D

SHOP TIP: Once in a while LINE has a sale on items, sometimes even 50% off! Right now they are running a winter sale, discounting various winter-themed clothing and furniture, so it’s a great way to get items at less than “retail” price.




Your avatar can have his or her own blog! You can access this by clicking on the diary sitting on your table in your room.

When changing outfits, LINE Play will prompt you and ask if you want to ~capture the moment~ for your diary. Say YES and a current snapshot will be taken. You can edit the entry to add a caption. You can also look at anyone else’s diary when you’re visiting their room.

Of course, it functions like every other blog would and you can create your own entry, add in a picture you took yourself, and leave comments for others!

DIARY TIP #1: for the first 5 days on LINE Play, you receive BONUS gems for visiting/posting in your diary! *EDIT: You actually receive 50 gems on Day 1 through Day 4, then 100 gems on Day 5. And guess what? It resets to Day 1 again right after! Bonus gems 4life. :)

DIARY TIP #2: Your avatar’s pose is done at random. Enjoy the possibilities.

DIARY TIP #3: “diary” can be mistyped as “dairy” but spellcheck won’t catch it :(



(this is really why you’re reading this, be honest)


Every day you have to Water Plants, Clean, and Give Hearts to other LINE Play users. Each task is worth 10 gems, and you can perform a maximum of 20 tasks each (i.e. water 20 plants, clean 20 items, give hearts to 20 users). By completing all 60 tasks (20+20+20), you earn another BONUS 100 gems - giving you a total of 700 gems.

Bubbles float above the items in the home that needs attention. Remember the Flower Pot from your BFF James? If you put that in your room, you will see a water drop floating above it - click it, and your avatar will skip over to water the plant, giving you 10 gems! Complete your remaining tasks by going to other’s homes - either by visiting your friends or clicking on that “Random” button on your home page to visit a random user.

Once reaching your maximum, your board above will say “Clear” over each item, and you have to wait a day before it resets. For me, this is 1PM PST - however I do not have data from other regions of the world to suggest if this is actually just 1PM whatever local time you are. (Any tumblr users who can vouch one way or the other, please let me know!)

IN SHORT: Daily Gems reset at 6AM in Japan, and at everyone’s local time. With Daylight Saving Time having passed, my Daily Free Gems reset at 2PM PST (GMT -7 when in Daylight Saving, GMT -8 when not). This translates to 5PM EST (GMT -4 when in Daylight Saving, GMT -5 when not).

P.S. I like receiving hearts just sayin’ ♥



(oh gosh chair. chair. it’s all I can think of, I bet I want to sit.)


Periodically your avatar will have a floating bubble with a desire to Rest (chair), Eat (fork and knife), Sleep (Zzz), or take a Bath (a bar of soap). A corresponding bubble will float above any object in the room that will satisfy your avatar’s request, if available. Now, being a new user, you may not yet have a bed or tub or even food, but fret not! Remember your friend James? Just pay a visit to his home!

Unlike normal social conventions: it’s totally OK to go to your friend’s or stranger’s home and use their stuff. SHOWER IN THEIR TUB. EAT THEIR FOOD. Yes, go for it. They won’t know! IT’S CRAZY.

You earn 5 gems for each task you accomplish, and they come quite frequently at every other minute or so. It adds up!

TASK TIP #1: Food never runs out, so even if all you have is 1 plate of waffles on your table (see above), it will last you a lifetime.

TASK TIP #2: mi casa es su casa so if you are in need of any of the above, swing by! Just clean up after yourself (and maybe drop a heart? ;) ♥) You can also visit James but let’s be honest he’s going to love himself more than he will you :(



(sup James)


Invitation codes are a great way to get a few gems. You can find this by going to Settings - Profile - Invitation Code. Scroll down and click on the RED +1000 button to copy your own unique code. Share it with your friends and in the Lounge! When someone enters your code, the both of you will earn 1,000 gems.

Click on the YELLOW +1000 button to enter someone else’s code. Just like what was said above, the both of you will then earn 1,000 gems each!

Of course, to prevent this from being too good to be true, there is a limit on how many codes you can enter. You can only enter a maximum of 5 codes (tracked in the YELLOW section) while your code can be used 10 times (tracked in the RED section). Nonetheless, that’s 15,000 gems earned from good referencing alone!

TIP: I don’t think you can enter your own code. (The screenshot above is from my sister’s lol) Besides, there’s no fun in that, help other people out and you still get rewarded with the 1,000!



That’s it for now - I hope this guide was helpful! Please send over comments or additional items you would like me to cover, and maybe I will in the future!

Once again if you enjoyed this guide, please reblog and spread the word! :)

Thank you!


EDIT 2013.03.10: Some sections in this post have been updated to correct certain terms. Thank you for your support!

EDIT 2013.05.31: See this follow up tutorial on the yard glitch: throwing stuff outside of your room!

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